About us

On the 17th of January 2013, Energy Mix Limited (EML) was established in Lagos, Nigeria as an energy sector focused company with a particular emphasis on facilitating trade & investment, providing energy intelligence and organizing business to business events and training. We are practical, commercial and goal driven in our approach and have earned ourselves a reputation for achieving exceptional results in all facets of our business.

Our Vision

EML is an Africa focused company which concentrates on the principal aims of promoting local content, promoting the expansion of Africa’s energy mix and promoting trade and investment in Africa’s oil, gas, coal, renewable energy and power sectors.

To achieve these multiple aims EML:

Operates www.energymixreport.com, Nigeria’s first online platform which provides daily news, data and actionable intelligence on the Nigerian and African energy sectors in real time.

Organizes forums and networking events which encourage discourse on prevalent energy related issues and nurture business relationships across the entire energy sector value chain.


Provides training and workshops for company executives and government officials with a specific focus on African perspectives in its specially prepared energy courses.

Provides matchmaking, industrial partnership and other business support services to foster business relationships and technology transfer between foreign and indigenous companies in the energy sector.


Provides regulatory and business advisory services to potential new entrants and existing companies in the energy sector through its affiliate consultancy and law firm.

Areas of Focus

Our company logo represents the concept of Africa’s current and evolving energy mix and also the various energy sectors which our investment promotion business interests cover.

These include but are not limited to:


Oil & Gas

  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • Oil & Gas Services
  • Refining
  • Refined Petroleum Products - Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK), Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), Lubricating Oils and Greases
  • Other Petroleum By-Products - Ammonia and Fertilizer, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Bitumen etc.
  • Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure
  • Gas to Liquids
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Renewable Energy

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Biomass – Ethanol, Municipal Solid Waste to Energy etc.
  • Geothermal

Alternative Energy

  • Coal
  • Nuclear


  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
  • Embedded Generation
  • Pre-Paid Meters
  • Power Sector Infrastructure and Materials
  • Transmission
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Carriers

Business Services

If you are an energy focused company looking for assistance with regard to navigating the uncertainty, bureaucracy and complexity that comes with entry into the Nigerian or African business environment, our business services arm; Energy Mix Africa should be your first point of contact, as we are perfectly suited to provide you with strategic and practical solutions to assist with the entire process.

We uphold global standards within the local terrain and our expertise means that we ensure our clients’ needs are constantly met and surpassed, while certifying that their business models remain flexible and durable enough to withstand any challenges that they may face within the Nigerian or African business environment.

Energy Mix Africa is a valuable resource to help develop your strategic market entry, manage your local content requirements and consolidate your company’s presence within the energy sector as a whole. Utilizing our services also gives you unique access to our integrated network of interdependent resources as well as our special relationships across both the private and public sectors.

For more information please visit www.energymix.africa.

Energy Intelligence

Energy Mix Report is the energy intelligence arm of EML and provides the only reliable source of detailed news and information about the Nigerian and African energy sectors, enabling investors to make informed investment decisions in the long run. It is an investment orientated website focused on various topics ranging from oil & gas to renewable energy and power.

It publishes daily news reports and press releases from as many reliable and authentic sources as possible, so as to consolidate a diversity of reporting styles and to provide its readers with firsthand access to a comprehensive research tool with a wide range of up to date and reliable information on the energy sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

The website currently receives several thousand hits and is also currently the highest ranked energy news website in Nigeria according to Alexa website traffic rankings. Our online newsletter is also sent out on a weekly basis to our subscriber base which is constantly growing on a daily basis. We currently have well over 10,000 unique subscribers which consist of top energy professionals and government officials both within and outside Nigeria.

For more information please visit www.energymixreport.com.

Events, Workshops & Trainings

Africa’s energy market presents huge business potentials for any investor. Forums, conferences and exhibitions have a crucial role to play in providing access to this market and creating business networking opportunities. With so much untapped potential, the African energy sector is still very much wide open to investors.

The business to business event management and training arm of EML; Energy Mix Events’ (EME) carefully crafted forums, conferences and exhibitions aim to reposition the African economy by showcasing the deep potentials of its energy value chain and providing the much needed international and domestic investments that will propel the continent towards fulfilling its true potential as a global economic powerhouse.

We also offer cutting-edge training courses and workshop programmes to enable the staff of organizations and government parastatals deliver superior results through our unique methodology and customized approach. Our courses are rendered by a team of experienced and renowned facilitators made up of top level indigenous and foreign professionals that will help organizations achieve their various goals.

For more information please visit www.energymixevents.com.

Networking & Industrial Partnerships

Energy Mix Hub is a networking platform for energy professionals from oil, gas and energy firms, banks, financial institutions, investment firms, private sector institutions, law firms, government agencies and regulatory bodies, international and local support agencies, as well as other development institutions.

Energy Mix Hub aims to create the largest network of oil, gas and energy professionals in Nigeria and Africa, highlight unique investment and business opportunities within the energy sector of the economy as well as promote thought leadership and provide solutions to the continent’s prevalent energy challenges.

Energy Mix Hub’s mission is to connect businesses and facilitate energy investments in Nigeria and across Africa through a unique range of specialized match-making services and networking events. Our platform serves as a trusted entry point into Nigeria and the African continent by helping to promote industrial partnerships across the entire energy value chain.

For more information please visit www.energymixhub.com.

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